Mobile Age
  • Researchers from Lancaster University met with senior managers from SLDC and Age-UK South Lakeland in March and April.

  • Participants in project workshop, 12 July 2016, Osterholz, Bremen

    Since May 2016 researchers from ifib meet regularly with senior citizens from Bremen’s district Osterholz and other relevant stakeholders and intermediaries. One objective of MobileAge is the development of a co-creation methodology and the evaluation of suitable methods such as the method used, “cultural probes”.

  • An article about MobileAge was published in Kommune21 (online and offline publication) in September Issue which briefly presents the project and its goals. The article is in German language and it was written by Dr. Juliane Jarke project partner from ifib. Read the full article


  • 7Senior citizens work on tailor-made solutions within the intenational project, Mobile Age.

    An article was published in the newspaper Stadtteil Kurier and was written by Sila Weisser on August 22nd, 2016. The original article is in German and is available here, pg.3.

  • 3MobileAge Research Project in the East of Bremen.

    A newspaper article about MobileAge in Bremen was written by Biljana Neloska on the 6th of July 2016 in the newspaper Weser Report, a local newspaper for Bremen and its surroundings.

    (The text below is translated in English - the original version in German can be found here)

    What is relevant and interesting for senior citizens in Osterholz? This question is going to be answered by a district-app in the future. What is special about this app: It is going to be developed together with senior citizens.

  • 2Mobile Age partner, Aristotle University, receives great press coverage for its application assisting seniors in scheduling medical appointments.

    We are very proud to see that the work carried by the Aristotle University within Mobile Age received great coverage by Greek media and press. All of them state that "Through a simple and user-friendly mobile application seniors in Central Macedonia will be able to schedule an appointment with their doctor, to find pharmacies, to prescribe their drugs and to receive warnings for exceedances of suspended particles in the atmosphere in order to avoid going outside and thus to prevent respiratory problems.

  • Collaboration with similar projects on dissemination issues

    Expanding the project’s network is a major goal for Mobile Age. This past June, our dissemination team approached similar EU funded projects aiming to create synergies and join forces for combined dissemination activities.

    Mobile Age reached out to 36 similar projects focusing on senior citizens and open data. So far, 12 projects have linked up in social media, while 6 projects will be considered for joint dissemination activities. Positive results can be expected by supporting the mutual marketing strategies and efforts for awareness raising of project news, events, press releases, etc. View the projects we collaborate with

  • Partners’ meeting in Spain

    Mobile Age Consortium partners @ Ayuntamento de Zaragoza, 5-6 July 2016

    The second Mobile Age project meeting took place in the city of Zaragoza on 5-6 July 2016.

    During the first day of the meeting, each Work Package leader had the opportunity to present in front of the consortium the activities carried out so far and review the upcoming deliverables. Additionally, a fruitful discussion followed on the process and technical strands of the project.

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