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  • Steps in Osterholz

    Steps in Osterholz

    Today we tested the digital district guide Osterholz for the first time on site. With a small group of participants we walked to different routes of 5 and 6 Km and thereby explored several of the nice places and routes that we have described in our district guide.

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  • Hemelingen follows Osterholz

    Hemelingen follows Osterholz

    „MobileAge”: From a district walk to a digital guide / Next meeting mid of August

    Biljana Neloska, 02.08.2017, Weser-Report

    Last summer the project “MobileAge” started in Osterholz. Now it continues in Hemelingen with walks in the district. The next one goes through Arbergen.

    HEMELINGEN The project “MobileAge” aims at supporting older adult’s access to public services through the use of mobile technology. In the district of Osterholz a research team from the Institute for Information Management has developed an app - together with older citizens.

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  • Mobile Age starts data co-creation on district walk in Arbergen

    Yesterday we walked with a group of older Hemelingen residents through the neighbourhood “Arbergen”. The focus of the district guide for Hemelingen is on walking routes through the district. On the first walk in Hemelingen an emphasis on historical information as well as information on the accessibility of routes has emerged.

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  • Digital infrastructure for age-friendly cities, 19 July 2017, Bremen

    A Workshop on the topic “Digital infrastructures for urban participation, culture and education” took place at the Centre for Computer science and Media technology (ZIMT) at the Hochschule Bremen. Representatives of different disciplines were invited to present their projects and research activities.

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  • A search for traces for the district

    Project Mobile Age: First walk through Hemelingen offers new impressions

    By Silja Weisser, 10. July 2017, Stadtteil Kurier Südost

    Hemelingen. Despite dark clouds and rain, residents from Hemelingen have met at the protestant church for a walk through their district. Nine senior citizens had followed the announcement of the MobileAge project team. Together they went off in order to contribute their knowledge to the planned digital district guide for older adults.

    Equipped with appropriate clothing and umbrellas they walked from the protestant church to the senior residence, came across the community centre and the Tamra-Parc. On their route, they also visited the silver manufactory Wilkens and the former Coca-cola area and they went for lunch to “Eisen Werner”.

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  • Walking through the district

    By Silja Weisser, -Kurier, 26.06.2017

    A district guide by older adults and for older adults in Hemelingen is in the works. Support by familiar local residents for the project MobileAge is still needed.

    Senior citizens are invited to participate in walkings to jointly talk about the places on the way and also to learn something new about their district. Anyone who likes can join for a lunch after the walk.

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  • Needs of older people in Hemelingen

    “Mobile Age”: New project group in the district / Next meeting mid-June

    Biljana Neloska, 31.05.2017, Weser-Report

    The project “Mobile Age” aims to improve the lives of older adults. After the first phase it is going on in Hemelingen now. Participants are still needed.

    HEMELUNGEN The project “Mobile Age” aims to support senior citizens access to public services through the use of mobile technologies. In the district of Osterholz the research team from the Institute for Information management Bremen together with older adults worked on an app.

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  • Brand new collaboration with FLOOD-serv project has been established!

    Our project is proud to announce that one more collaboration has been established with an EU funded project under the same call, the FLOOD-serv project!!

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