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  • Mobile Age starts test phase of the digital district guide

    On Thursday 9th of March 2017 the Bremen fieldsite of Mobile Age started the test phase of the co-created district guide for older citizens in the district of Osterholz in Bremen with user tests of the prototype. The participants had already explored the application during the last weeks in parallel to its refinement.

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  • Mobile Age cooperation meeting in Zaragoza

    On the 16th and 17th of February the MobileAge Team from Bremen visited their project partners in Zaragoza. The collaboration between the local public administration and the partners from the Technical University of Madrid to further the development of a plan for the co-creation of public services for and with older adults in three neighbourhoods in Zaragoza.

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  • Mobile Age 3rd Newsletter Issue published on Joinup!

    The third Issue of Mobile Age has been accepted and published on Joinup and it is available to view it at:

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  • Tablet workshop in Bremen

    In order to enable members of our core group to test the prototype of the application and to validate and complete the information, we provided the participants with tablets. In a workshop on 29th November 2016, we gave 9 tablets to the members of this core group to enable testing. The participants kept the tablets for the remaining co-creation activities (8 weeks). They received a short introduction on how to use the devices and how to test the first prototype of the list and map of “nice places” and walks.

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  • Prototyping Workshops

    ifib in collaboration with FTB organised in Bremen Osterholz workshops on the welcome page of the prototype. In the first workshop, on 17th of November 2016, 8 senior citizens participated and our partners had the opportunity to work with them and discuss about the content and design of the welcome page for the mobile website.

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  • Mobile Age meeting in Bremen

    The 3rd meeting of Mobile Age was held in Bremen, Germany on 22nd – 23rd of November 2016 and it was successfully hosted by ifib.

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  • Joinup - Poland studies overhaul of eGovernment strategy

    Poland’s Ministry of Digitisation is working on an integrated approach to eGovernment services and public administrations ICT architecture. Last month, the government adopted the ministry’s ‘Program Zintegrowanej Informatyzacji Państwa’ (PZIP - national integrated digitalisation programme). PZIP aims to “create a coherent, logical and efficient state information system, providing eServices at national and European level in an effective way in terms of quality and cost.”

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  • New EU legislation to make public websites and mobile apps accessible

    On 26th October 2016, the European Parliament approved the EU Directive on the accessibility of the websites and mobile applications of public sector bodies. The new rules establish a set of criteria and technical provisions to enable everyone, including people with disabilities (in particular vision or hearing impairments), to have access to online data and services provided by public sector bodies.

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