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Mobile Age will develop four pilots for personalized, mobile access of senior citizens to public services in collaboration with public authorities in the following areas:

  • South Lakeland, United Kingdom

    The use case held in South Lakeland will focus on exploring how tablet computers will allow senior citizens to access supportive public services (social security, day-to-day activities, government services, etc.) based on openly available data through “MyLakeland” - a new personalized mobile application - and thus maintain their independent living.

  • Bremen, Germany

    The use case held in Bremen will focus on social inclusion and active participation of senior citizens in social life as long as possible. The Bremen use case aims to support and collect information and services related to health, social security, day-to-say activities, etc. that interest senior citizens through the “MyOpenBremen” mobile public service.

  • Zaragoza, Spain

    The use case held in Zaragoza will focus on the development of a mobile application that will help senior citizens and people facing mobility problems detect existing deficiencies in routes and neighborhoods and will ensure improvements in terms of accessibility, equipment and safety.

  • Region of Central Macedonia, Greece

    The use case held in the Region of Central Macedonia (RCM) will focus on public services necessary to senior citizens to access their personal health information. Senior citizens in RCM will use the “MyOpenMacedonia” mobile application in order to schedule doctors’ appointments and order prescriptions online through an automated process, as well as receive personalised alerts on micro particle pollution.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 693319
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