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Steps in Osterholz

Steps in Osterholz

Today we tested the digital district guide Osterholz for the first time on site. With a small group of participants we walked to different routes of 5 and 6 Km and thereby explored several of the nice places and routes that we have described in our district guide.

The first walk runned along the Osterholzer Deich/Hodenberger Deich, along the Bultensee, past the Café 17 and finally along the Childrens farm Tenever back to the starting point. Afterwards there was lunch in Café Gabriely.

Our second walk led us through the Osterholzer Dorfstraße (past old farm houses), into the Osterholzer Feldmark, through the allotment garden area “Stieglitz” and the Focke-Wulf Estate and finally to the graveyard of Osterholz. In the “Osterholzer Kaffeestübchen” we ended the day with coffee and cake.

Overall, the test was successful. Thanks to the positioning we could keep track of where we were by unsing the district guide. The overview on benches helped us plan the route. Thanks to the descriptions of the places we also knew were we could stop for coffee and cake. We also detected a few small errors in the information that we are going to eliminate. Furthermore, we made pictures of the places and routes that we are going to include in the district guide.

The walks will be provided via the district guide in the next weeks. We would like to thank all that contributed to the district guide with their knowledge, ideas, time and enthusiasm for the district.

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