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Hemelingen follows Osterholz

Hemelingen follows Osterholz

„MobileAge”: From a district walk to a digital guide / Next meeting mid of August

Biljana Neloska, 02.08.2017, Weser-Report

Last sumer the project “MobileAge” started in Osterholz. Now it continues in Hemelingen with walks in the district. The next one goes through Arbergen.

HEMELINGEN The project “MobileAge” aims at supporting older adult’s access to public services through the use of mobile technology. In the district of Osterholz a research team from the Institute for Information Management has developed an app - together with older citizens.

Since the start in June 2016 the project team met regularly every second to third week with a stable group of eleven older citizens of Osterholz. Together they have developed the prototype for a digital district guide.

“Together with the participants we worked on the selection of the content, the collection of related data as well as on their representation and the interface design. The result is a map based digital district guide for older adults in Osterholz”, says Ulrike Gerhard from the project team. The same is going to happen in Hemelingen now. “We would like to invite older people in the whole district to walk with us, to tell us something about the places we pass or to learn something new”, says Gerhard. The aim of the walks is to get an impression of the district and its residents.

“On the first walk we learned a lot about Hemelingen and the history and future of the different places. We gave out questionnaires on the information needed in order to describe walks and routes. We still need to analyse them. But a first impression is from the conversations is that the participants are especially interested in descriptions of places and their history”, Gerhard says.

The next walk is on Tuesday the 15th August in Arbergen. Start is at 2 p.m. on the bus stop “Nauheimer Straße”. Afterwards there will be coffee and cake in the meeting Point AMeB.

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Home News Hemelingen follows Osterholz