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Digital infrastructure for age-friendly cities

Yesterday a Workshop on the topic “Digital infrastructures for urban participation, culture and education” took place at the Centre for Computer science and Media technology (ZIMT) at the Hochschule Bremen. Representatives of different disciplines were invited to present their projects and research activities. The topics ranged from the technical implementation of mobile augmented reality and its application, the deployment of living labs to the question of the merits and dangers of citizen participation in urban planning and development. In my presentation on “the participatory development of a software based district guide for older adults”, I presented preliminary results of the Bremen fieldwork in the Mobile Age project and raised the question of possibilities and limits of “urban media” for processes of participation and inclusion.

In the subsequent workshops, we discussed current and future challenges in urban development in the light of digitalization processes and jointly sounded possible areas for application of digital infrastructure in urban development. Most appealing was the research and development scenario “the future age-friendly city” that in the eyes of the participant’s offers a variety of possibilities for the development of future oriented, innovative solutions.

You can read the original article in German by clicking here.

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Home News Digital infrastructure for age-friendly cities