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Mobile Age starts second project phase in Bremen Hemelingen

With two focus groups with older adults in the city district Bremen Hemelingen, we started the second phase of the Bremen fieldwork. After having developed a digital district guide for and with older adults in the district of Osterholz last year, now Hemelingen is going to get its application.

While we in Osterholz worked with a stable group of eleven participants over a period of six month, we pursue another approach in Hemelingen: In close collaboration with a stable project group consisting of local stakeholders and the Ifib team, we recruit and organize different groups of people for the different tasks in the development process. Thereby possible barriers for the involvement shall be reduced and a variety of different people shall be enabled to actively participate in the project.

PIC 1A major challenge in Hemelingen is the size of the district. Unlike Osterholz, Hemelingen is divided in five neighbourhoods, which are important points of reference and identification. So far, we have conducted focus groups in three of the neighbourhoods. The project is met with interest. However, we had to realize that the most pressing issues of the older citizens in Hemelingen refer to infrastructural deficits and reduced mobility that we can only partly address with a digital information service. Hence, in the next month the challenge is to develop a concept for an information service that supports the older adults in Hemelingen to identify accessible routes, places and transport facilities in order to reduce uncertainties and thereby facilitate mobility.

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Home News Mobile Age starts second project phase in Bremen Hemelingen