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Digital on the move (Stadtteil Kurier Südost)

Now Bremen Hemelingen is going to get the district guide for older citizens

by Silja Weisser

Only one touch on the display and the information is there. The digital district guide for older adults should be easy to use and accessible for everyone – also for people without private internet access. For this purpose, a computer table is openly available now. The prototype – knocked together by students from the Institute for Information Management Bremen (Ifib) at Bremen University is placed at the Café Blocksberg, located at Max-Säume-Straße 88 in Osterholz Blockdiek. Afterwards it is going to the Café Gabriely at Otto-Brenner-Allee 44/46 in Osterholz. From there it goes traveling to further places.


A lot of research and idea collection on how older citizens are best guided through their district is put into the district guide. A click on offers answers to questions like: Where are nice places? Are there toilets at these places? Are there benches? Which places are accessible? Mobile Age wants to answer these and further questions. From summer 2017 onwards the application will be provided by Behind Mobile Age there is a research team consisting of Juliane Jarke, Herbert Kubicek and Ulrike Gerhard.

The project in Osterholz is almost completed. “We are happy about any suggestions, questions, additions, critic” says Juliane Jarke. For this purpose, there is a link to an online questionnaire on the homepage.

The second phase starts

Now the second phase starts. As next step, Hemelingen gets its individually developed digital platform for older adults, which provides information on relevant places and opportunities. However, this time the organizers begin with a different concept. While in Osterholz older adults from the district where asked to engage directly, this time the research team counts on a round of experts – local stakeholders that engage in older citizens welfare. On board are Monja Akkermann from the society for mental health, Gaby Dönselmann from the outreach work for older adults, Sabine Bonjer from a residential home, Heike Schilling the neighbourhood manager and Karin Schüdde from the protestant church in Hemelingen. Some of them were already involved in the development of a printed district guide for older adults, conceptualized by Ines Hillmann. The researchers use this printed district guide as basis for the online version. The project group of experts is going to recruit older citizens in the district, who are going to form different groups that will work on different tasks according to the different interests and abilities.

The fieldwork starts in the end of May. The platform is going to be ready for use in January 2018.

The project Mobile Age ends after three years, but Hemelingen will be the last district to get a digital guide, Juliane Jarke says. The rest of the project duration is used for the analysis of the experiences gained during the fieldwork.

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