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Mobile Age cooperation meeting in Thessaloniki

At the end of March several MobileAge project partners (from ifib, Lancaster University, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the Region of Central Macedonia) met in Thessaloniki in order to plan the local co-creation activities and exchange experiences.

Besides Thessaloniki, co-creation projects with older people also take part in Zaragoza, Bremen and the Region of South Lakeland. In all four field sites the aim is to develop mobile services for and with older adults. While the topics in Bremen and South Lakeland are social inclusion and loneliness/social isolation the focus in Thessaloniki is going to be on health issues. In open senior citizens meeting places (so called KAPIs) the co-creation activities are going to be implemented. A possible application in the implementation if a digital “social pharmacy” where indigent older adults can get free medicine.


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Home News Mobile Age cooperation meeting in Thessaloniki