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A majority of citizens are usually marginalised when it comes to technical innovation, use of open data government and online civic participation. This is often due to bad design, lack of user involvement, poor representation of all groups of citizens, and therefore inadequacy with citizens’ real needs and expectations. As more and more public services are becoming available online only, we believe it is essential to change this way of working and allow all citizens to access all public services in an adequate, efficient and inclusive way.

Older persons are in this field in a vulnerable position due to lower digital skills and access to the internet, than other groups of the population. With growing numbers of older citizens in Europe, making online public services available to all becomes particularly crucial but challenging. Mobile Age will therefore work together with older persons to develop inclusive mobile applications which allow them to access online the public services of their choice and in a way they chose.

To do so, the project is setting up four pilot sites throughout Europe: South Lakeland in the UK, Bremen in Germany, Zaragoza in Spain and the region of Central Macedonia in Greece. There, Mobile Age partners are in contact with older persons’ organisations and charities to organise workshops with older citizens. During such workshops, older citizens will be given the possibility to decide which services they would like to access online, on which interface and with which options. Mobile Age technical team will then develop the applications based on these decisions and submit them to older persons for review and adaptations during a second round of workshops.

The ultimate goal of Mobile Age is then to develop a methodology as well as technical frameworks which can be easily reused in other cities so that older persons can access online public services throughout Europe.

By doing so, we hope that the increasing availability and use of open government data will benefit to all citizens, increasing thus transparency and trust in public authorities, and that older persons will not be excluded from online public services and will be able to benefit more easily from mobile technologies. Eventually, Mobile Age will contribute to make Europe more age-friendly.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 693319
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